Z-230 zavarszűrő

General information

When inductances are switched off (when the voltage is discharged), the energy stored in the inductor generates a voltage pulse due to Lenz self-induction. The generated pulse lasts for a few µs and can have a voltage of a few thousand volts. The pulse can be radiated and conducted to disturb devices in the environment. In analogue devices, it causes phantom switching and bouncing, while in modern microprocessor devices, it generates freezing, rebooting and malfunction.
The magnitude of the pulse has often exceeded the required standards, and the devices may no longer be immune to these!

This disturbance can be filtered well at source. There are two types of filters on the market:

1, RC tag, which slows down the rising edge of the pulse, filtering out the "click" in AM modulation radios. (It does not filter towards uC systems!)

2, By using a varistor or transil, the pulse magnitude can be cut and the energy converted to heat. Reduced pulse magnitude no longer causes malfunction.

The Z-230 type noise filter incorporates both filters and it is well-suited for filtering mains (230VAC) inductance devices up to 200VA.

Z230 zavarszűrő

Easy to mount, no extra fixing is required due to the small weight of the Ø1,5mm solid copper wire holding it in place.

Z230 zavarszűrő bekötése

The 250mm long Ø0,5 MCSK wire can be connected without splicing, it is advisable to use the shortest possible length.


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