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The company was founded in 1987 by experienced engineers, among one of the first private companies to design and manufacture thermotechnical equipment. At that time, there were no affordable and accurate controllers available in Hungary. We made up for the missing devices, by developing the first microprocessor PID program controller by ourselves.

Over a short time, the company's market share grew rapidly. Using the new semiconductor devices, we developed and marketed more and more devices,
becoming one of the leading manufacturers in Hungary.
The growth made it necessary for the control engineering department to become independent, so in 1998 we started our independent operation
under the name of HAGA Automation Ltd, at a new location.

The company's main profile is the development and production of controllers for industry, agriculture, manufacturing, building machinery and all other areas, where control and regulation tasks are involved.
With many decades of development and manufacturing experience, we also carry out external developments for our customers.

We are constantly expanding our manufacturing capacity and modernizing our instrumentation, ensuring the reliability of our products.
We have a pre-qualification EMC laboratory to verify the compliance of our controllers.
By continuously validating our laboratory, we guarantee the accuracy of our devices.
We ensure the most up-to-date programmes and trainings for our developers and engineers.
Our in-house production and comprehensive testing ensure continuous high quality.

1037 Budapest, Királylaki út 35.


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