Contract manufacturing

We provide manufacturing and development with our own machines and instrumentation.
We carry out the production of soldering, burn-in and measuring adapters.

With our SMD machines we can work up to part sizes 0402 and TQFP (0.4mm).
(Maximum precision 0.3mm, 0201)

Pick and Place Machine

three zone reflow furnace, top and bottom heated, registerable

soldering robot

small reflow oven


We can provide tunings and measurements on our own instruments from uV measurement limits, up to higher frequencies (3GHz).
Our measuring equipment:
- calibrators, - high-resolution calibrated 6½ digit multimeters, -resistance decaders,
- frequency meters and frequency etelon, - high frequency power meters,
- waveform generator (function generator), - signal generator
- high frequency amplifiers, - spectrum analyser,
- prequalification EMC devices



We also produce soldering, measuring and programming adapters

3D printing with FDM/FFF on various materials (PETG, ABS...)
and stereolithography (SLA/MSLA) from UV-curable resin.

The big advantage of soldering adapters compared to manual soldering and soldering robots, is that all parts are soldered in the same way.
An additional advantage is that the panel cannot be inserted into the adapter, if the parts are not seated in the correct position.
Unfortunately, this does not work for symmetrical parts.
The panel and the components form a closed unit with the soldering template,
they can be easily moved without the parts falling out!



In the case of a soldering robot, the fitting and fixing to the carrier plate is solved by means of the fitting pins on the mounting plate of the robot.
This solution ensures accurate, easy and fast workpiece loading and unloading without interrupting the workflow,
while maintaining high accuracy.
In the case of multiple templates, the operator can safely insert the next panel during soldering without wasting time.

For special soldering applications, a solder-resistant (heat-resistant) adapter can also be manufactured.
It can be used to protect the soldering person from burns,
and last but not least, a hand is freed up!


Post-production tuning is accelerated by programming and the calibration adapters.

A big advantage of these devices is that you don not need to connect cables manually to the programming and measurement points.
Properly positioned adapters align the panel connection points opposite the measurement pins (Spring Test Probes / Pogo Pin).
The necessary equipment can be connected to the measuring pins on the side of the adapter.
This way, when the panel is inserted into the adapter, the connection is automatically established, from there it is only necessary to monitor the measurement results.
This makes programming and measurement safe (you cannot miss the connection points) and saves wiring time!

A programming adapter connected to the programming device:

Once the panel is placed on the adapter, programming starts automatically:

A different adapter can be made for each task (programmer and calibrator).

The scanner adapter of the previous panel is next to the programmer adapter.
For the scanning adapter, the measuring needles are in a different position.
The self-test indicator LEDs of the device under test are also included in the adapter.

With these adapters, it was possible to significantly reduce the time needed for the tuning and final testing of a 3500pcs series.



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