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The unique KD481P graphical program controller in a small size (DIN 1/16) gives you an easy-to-use, reliable solution for time-varying control at an affordable price. (We have been producing program controllers since our company was founded, and we have developed the KD481P based on our years of experience and user needs. Knowing our competitors' products, we can rightly claim to have the smallest program controller with a semi-graphical display. This controller gives each device a unique, easy-to-use programming interface, without the need for special development.)
The large display, which is clearly visible from a distance, shows the measured value and the current status of the program below it.

Operation is very simple with a button to scroll through the program. The program step selected on the semi-graphic display (green illuminated segment) can be changed even while the program is running, without changing the control.

The necessary configuration adjustments can be made while the system is running, without stopping and restarting.

Adjustments can be made from the front panel and via the computer link.

The configuration menu has a system structure. The selective and sensitive menus provide access only to the settings required for a particular configuration. There are no redundant settings and no settings that do not work. Menu and program settings can be tailored to a wide range of uses. Settings can be protected against unauthorised access.

Small size and "quick-connectors" ensure easy installation. The IP67 protection makes the controller suitable for operation in almost every environment.

Multiple computer connectivity options - RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Wifi and DirectLink with MODBUS communication - guarantee connectivity to process control systems. Our free visHAGA visualisation and configuration software provides a cheap and easy alternative to computer visualisation. The program includes full-featured virtual controllers, which can be used to configure devices and edit programs. Settings can be stored on the computer and restored to the devices at any time.

By linking controllers on a dedicated computer interface (digital remote SP), (dT)-cathode and multi-zone tracking controls can be easily set up.

Size and wiring are compatible with current members of the controller family and with previous devices.


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